Frequently Asked Questions

  • There's a typo in your name.

    • Astute observation! bandwith is both an invitation to "band with" us in leading the way into the future as well as a nod to the incredibly high "bandwidth" that having 100 brains working on a problem can provide. Clever, we know.

  • How do I know if I qualify to apply for a bandwith team?

    • For these inaugural bandwith teams, anyone around the globe of any age and background can apply. It's what we like to think of democratizing the planet. It will be up to the initial 10 members of each team (the Selection Committee) to determine the other 90 individuals that they bring onto the team.

    • Some of the types of individuals that they might be looking for have:

      • A deep level of experience in their chosen field

      • An aptitude for self-directed action and an entrepreneurial spirit

      • A willingness to throw themselves into an idea, regardless of whether the idea is one that they voted for or not, and a tolerance for rapidly developed product iterations

      • A track record for thinking outside the box and being creative

      • A contentedness to be a cog in a much larger machine

      • In general, the Selection Committee will likely be looking to create a highly diverse team with varied experiences, skill sets and interests

  • What sort of time and effort commitment ​can I expect if I'm selected for a bandwith team?

    • It is not expected that selected team members will not have other full time work responsibilities or other time-consuming items on their plates. However, people who find little time to work on projects or tasks outside of these areas will likely be a poor fit for the bandwith model. I (Max again) can't speak to what each team's Selection Committee will deem to be an adequate level of availability, but my opinion is that at least 10 hours per week on average should be available to dedicate to your team, though some business stages (especially during the first month) will almost certainly require more than that.

  • If selected, can I expect any additional compensation beyond the 1% equity in the company?

    • No, you should not expect to receive any additional compensation, and like all new ventures, it is very possible that your equity will never actually accrue value. However, depending on some of the company's needs, the team may decide to compensate individuals or contractors to fill roles, and both team members and non-members could potentially be considered by the team to fill those roles, though it's certainly possible that a team may decide not to fill these roles with equity-holding members.